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Welcome to andnowfor, a small fan community for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report (with Stephen Colbert, premiering October 17th). This community does play host to things of a slashy (read: gay) variety -- fanfic, icons, et cetera. Everything will be behind cuts, but if you don't enjoy that kind of thing on your friendslist at all, please stick to thedailyshow.

Membership may be low, and that's fine; this is a community to share fanwork and to discuss the show and things related to it. Tinhattery and wank are not tolerated. Membership is open but upon joining it is assumed that you have read the rules and understand that frequent violations will result in banning.

On topic for this community:
-- Fanwork (fic, art, mixes, icons, et cetera)
-- Episode and interview discussion
-- Articles pertaining to The Daily Show

-- ... uh. Things not somehow related to The Daily Show or The Colbert Report?
-- And trolls. Trolls are bad, m'kay.

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The rules are few, so follow them. Please? It's much appreciated. Membership is currently unmoderated, but if The Lone Mod sparkofmyteens sees fit, it will become moderated. sparkofmyteens is fairly lenient and really quite approachable, but rules are there for a reason and she's going to enforce them. If circumstances warrant, another mod will be added.

-- Trolling the community is not tolerated. A difference of opinion every once in a while is fine, but joining for the sole purpose of telling us we're all terrible people will get you banned.
-- Do unto others. If you have a problem with someone on a personal level, please contact them privately to work it out.
-- Be reasonable! Personal attacks on other members for any reason will not be tolerated. Two will get you a warning, three will get you a ban. Remember rule two. Contact them privately.
-- Respect the mod. For she has command of the admin console. Again, she's nice, and if you have a problem that you need to discuss with her, feel free to comment on her personal journal (sparkofmyteens) or contact her on AIM at saint tabularasa or via the e-mail listed in this info.
-- Follow all rules under posting info. Though if something's wonky, sparkofmyteens will let you know.
-- It's just pretend. Don't take anything slashy seriously, you know? No one likes tinhattery. This is all in good fun. If it turns out you're taking it all a little too seriously, I'm sure there's some place out there for you. Just ... not here.
-- No incest. Premptive for fanartists. If it's your bag, it's your bag, but RPS is toeing a fine line as it is, and this is one that sparkofmyteens would prefer this community not condone the crossing of.

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sparkofmyteens can get a little obsessive-compulsive about things like posting. Plus, following the guidelines listed here makes it so much easier to archive everything in the memories, or via tags, and really, who doesn't like to make things easier for everyone.

When Posting Fan-fic:
In the subject like, put the pairing and the rating. And, if it's a part of a series, which part it is. This makes archiving so much easier to do. There are three things the mods will be sticklers on, and these are two of them.

In the body, please at least include:

Warning: [On the off-hand there's something more questionable than the usual vanilla gay fiction in your fic.]

All fanfiction, large images, articles, and icons (up to three teasers) must be put under a cut. If you would also mention what the work's refering to (if it's an article about Stephen, icons of Rob, et cetera) in the subject, it would also be appreciated.

Credits: Layout, icon, and info banners all care of sparkofmyteens.